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    The Seventeen-day Studio began on March 29, 2013 and ended seventeen days later on April 14. We formed the studio as an exploration in collaboration, an exhibition of the design process, and an evaluation of the field as we know it. What came from the studio greatly outweighs what we put into it, due to the kindness and generosity of our colleagues, advisors, and all those who stopped by.

    We are Young Sun Compton, Javier López, and Luiz Ludwig, and this is a record of our efforts.
    The Seventeen-day Studio grew out of a shared interest in the process of graphic design and is built upon our individual backgrounds and curiosities. To show our processes we thought to pair performance and/as publishing. Making a performance or publishing our ideas, while similar in purpose are achieved differently. We combine the two in order to investigate the role of design and, for that matter, that of the designer.

    The gallery as a performance space allows us to reinterpret the notion of a studio, and becomes a platform for showing how we produce and publish design. By occupying a space that is open to visitors we welcome interaction and feedback, and by making, our performance becomes a vehicle for publishing our thoughts.